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Santos Party House Shocked By NYPD, Will Triumph In Court

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Following the shocking closing of Santos Party House by the NYPD last Friday, reps from the club took to their Facebook page to explain what went down and blast the use of the infamous "Nuisance Laws", saying:

Yesterday was one for the books at Santos Party House ... At around 9:15pm, the mounting excitement was crushed when the NYPD entered into the club and informed us that we were to cease operations until further notice. Needless to say, we were shocked.

The summons we received lists a few minor incidents that occurred months ago for the most part, all involving people not under the direct employ of the club. While many of the allegations listed in the order are simply untrue, we take most offense to the argument that SPH promotes behavior that causes “ irreparable harm to the City of New York, its residents and visitors.” Our intentions are exactly the opposite.

We have a hearing on Monday and are confident that we will be cleared of any wrongdoing and will resume business as usual shortly. Until then, we encourage our allies in nightlife to remain vigilant and protect your businesses.
This is always a tricky spot for the club owners, since the court seems to usually take the side of the NYPD in these nightlife cases. One would assume that the NYPD will present their "evidence" of repeated drug buys in Santos from random people over a one year period and claim that it's a nuisance, while at the same time negotiating a quick settlement with the club that costs them $50,000 and an admission of wrongdoing. It's no win for Santos, but at least the latter allows them to re-open quickly.
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Santos Party House

96 Lafayette Street, New York, NY

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