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Gordon Ramsay's Ex-Partner Blames NYC Failure on Union

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In a lengthy and angry interview with The Daily Mail Gordon Ramsay's estranged father-in-law and former business partner Chris Hutcheson rips into the celebrity chef and wonders how he could have kicked him to the curb so cruelly and suddenly.

More important than the family drama however are some of his reveals about the Ramsay operation. He says of Gordon Ramsay at the London, which still holds the Ramsay name but is no longer operated by the chef: "In New York we put in something like $5 million into buildings, the kitchens and getting it ready. Blackstone promised they would try to look after the unions for us but the unions completely f***** us over." He still owes $2.5?million to the sales tax people, $1.5?million to vendors in New York. "All this is not known but it is still there. He just thinks it will all go away as it always does, because I was dealing with it."
· Gordon's father-in-law speaks out: 'He only had one friend and that was me. Now he has sacked me. We were a brand. I feel I have been vaporised'" [The Daily Mail]

Gordon Ramsay at the London

151 West 54th Street, New York, NY

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