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Fire Obsessed Albert Trummer Sued By Apotheke Partners

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The Albert Trummer pyrotechnics situation has suddenly gone from odd to completely off the wall, as his own Apotheke partners have filed a lawsuit against the Austrian mixologist who has allegedly refused to stop playing with fire. If you recall, undercover Fire Marshalls arrested Trummer in June after watching him pour booze all over the bar and then set it on fire. Trummer claimed he had seen the error of his ways and that he was no pyromaniac, but not according to the recently filed lawsuit, which alleges that another bartender had to douse the bar with water after Trummer "smashed two bottles of Sambucca on the granite surface" and then lit a match. Apotheke co-owner Heather Tierney then called 911 and she and the other partners are suing to have Trummer banned from the bar and to pay damages. Maybe it's time Trummer focused on his new venture and leave his matches at home.
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