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The Shining Star, Kings Plaza Diner, Total Wine Bar, and More

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Welcome back to the weekly Friday Shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.

2010_10_shining-star.jpg1) Park Slope: Brownstoner reports that Total Wine Bar has been shuttered for almost a month now. [Brownstoner]

2) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie notes that greasy fast food joint Munchies is closed. [BB]

3) Upper West Side: From a tipster: "The TLC/ Tasti D Lite on Amsterdam and 81st closed. Sign says couldn't renew lease. More concerning though is the Shining Star 24 hour Diner also closed after 16 years. Not sure where all the drunken patrons of Bourbon Street, Jakes Dilemma, etc will stumble to for there 3am fried food fix now." It closed early last month. [ShutterWire]

4) Mill Basin: The Post reports that 35 year-old diner Kings Plaza Diner is shuttering, much to the chagrin of its hordes of fans and locals. [NYP]

5) Boerum Hill: This news was previously reported, but now it's actually happening. Brownstoner notices Blue Marble Ice Cream packing up and moving out. The 'For Rent' sign is still there. [Browntoner]
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Shining Star Diner

377 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY