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Unlimited Franzia Stops Flowing at Silk Road Palace

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Anyone who has ever been under 21 in New York City—or just severely cash strapped with low standards—has been to Silk Road Palace, a.k.a. China Wine, on Amsterdam between 81st and 82nd Streets. Why? Because they serve unlimited free boxed Franzia and are not so into carding people. No longer. A tipster reports that the Chinese restaurant, which he notes has been around for 30 years, has been closed for two days with no sign of reopening. Calls to the restaurant go unanswered and a worker at EJ's next door confirms the shutter is for good.

Our tipster writes, "A real bummer, as it was one of two Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood that offered endless free (boxed) wine." At least it as one of two. Mourners can go to its less fun copycat The Cottage over on 77th.
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Silk Road Palace

447 Amsterdam Ave., New York, Ny