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Bar Artisanal's Replacement Opens; Smith Street Soup Crawl

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FORT GREENECake Man Raven was closed by the DOH. [City Room]

CARROLL GARDENS—On October 23 from 1 - 4 PM check out the Smith Street Soup Festival. Pay $5 a person ($10 for family units) for 20 tastes of soup at restaurants up and down Smith Street. The proceeds from the event go to the new Culinary Arts Program at the H.S. For International Studies. [EaterWire]

TRIBECAPelea, the restaurant that is replacing Bar Artisanal Restaurant & Tapas Bar which replaced Bar Artisanal which replaced Trigo, is now open. [Zagat]

GIMMICKS— This Halloween, Chipotle and chef/world-saver Jamie Oliver are teaming up for a strange promotion/charity fundraiser for Oliver's Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a costume contest called Boorito 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food. Now, contrary to what the name might suggest, they do not want you to dress up as a burrito. Instead, they want you to dress up as spooky scary processed food and you'll get $4 off your meal. [Eater National]


268 West Broadway, New York, NY