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How Ozersky Loses Weight; Terroir Tribeca Launches Brunch

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EAST VILLAGE— A lady dressed as a knish will lead a processional down 2nd Avenue on Sunday. [TLD]

LOWER EAST SIDE— Grub Street is teaming up with the Hester Street fair and bringing 30 vendors out on Saturday, October 16. [GS]

TRIBECA—Beginning tomorrow, Terroir Tribeca will serve lunch and weekend brunch. The lunch features a lot of the same item served at Terroir at dinner, the brunch menu features items like french toast, egg sandwiches, and black cabbage and pork sausage bruschetta with a fried egg.

NY DIETS— Writer Josh Ozersky explains his weight loss strategy which includes heavy doses of self-loathing, having a "Sausagefest" (filling "the refrigerator with high-quality meat treats"), and "little bursts of happines — a single Original Recipe thigh from a passing KFC, part of an Eggo waffle, three or four slices of bacon rolled up in a single half slice of buttered toast." We pray for you, Josh. [Time]

Terroir Tribeca

24 Harrison Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 625-9463 Visit Website

Terroir Tribeca

24 Harrison St., New York, NY