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Grill 'Em All Truck Plans NYC Pop Up; Needs Kitchen, Money

You may or may not have watched the Tyler Florence-hosted show The Great Food Truck Race, but the winner of the program was a little hard-rocking burger truck from LA called Grill 'Em All. They've enjoyed some success back on the Left Coast since winning the competition, but now they are mounting a campaign along with a blogger from to come back to the city where they won the race, New York, for a series of events later this month. The problem is, Grill 'Em All and the blogger can't do it on their own — they need your help. From the inbox, a message from the blogger at Burger Conquest that was forwarded to us:

Brothers and Sisters of the Burger,

I'm proud to announce that Burger Maker and I are bringing Chef Ryan and Matt from The Grill 'Em All Truck to NYC Oct 21-24. As you all know, the guys just won "The Great Food Truck Race" on the Food Network. Their services in LA have been at a fever pitch since the show has aired. We are bringing them back to the city that won them the competition. They are going to set up at several locations around the city and make their signature burgers for NYC. We arent bringing the truck as it's a massive expense. That means we need kitchens!

Im looking for bars and restaurants that would want to participate in a pop-up celebrity chef burger service with Grill 'Em All guys. Know any bar, grill, restaurant or kitchen that would want to participate in what is going to be a media sensation. Any time of day is good especially nights.

Any takers or suggestions?

The buzz on this trip has been immense and we are bringing on a publicity and marketing company to help promote the events.

We are also looking for food supply, media ties and financial sponsors for the tour. We'll make sure you get the bang for your buck! We will do whatever you want.

Want to bring Grill 'Em all back to New York? Feel free to lend a helping hand by heading over to the Grill 'Em All website, or contacting the Burger Conquest people.
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