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Umberto's Clam House Shutters, Promises to Reopen

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Umberto's Clam House, the 40 year-old Little Italy staple on Broome near Mulberry, closed yesterday without warning, alarming a number of Eater tipsters that live in the area. Signage on the door to the red sauce joint promise that they will reopen, and a call confirms that they're hoping to launch a new location of the restaurant "just a few blocks down" in six to eight weeks. However, staff tells Eater that the leases are not finalized yet, so the exact location is still up in the air.

Of course this isn't the first time the restaurant has closed. The original restaurant—which opened in 1970 over on Mulberry Street and was the site of mobster Joey Gallo's murder in 1972—closed in 1996 and reopened in a new location in 2000.
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Umberto's Clam House

386 Broome St., New York, NY