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Pop-Up Tea House in the MePa; Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck

George Mendes and the Aldea team with the Michelin Man. [Photo: Facebook]

THE MEATPACKING — Jeweler, actor and all around hip guy Waris Ahluwalia is opening a combination boutique and tea shop under the Highline on West 24th St. tomorrow. House of Waris will feature designer wear inside and exotic Himalayan teas and pastries from Bar Pitti and Café Cluny in the garden outside. The shop will only be open for ten days. [Elle via Grub Street]

FOOD TRUCKSFork in the Road learns that the Malaysia Kitchen Food Truck will hit the streets of Manhattan and Queens next week, serving free samples of dishes from Cafe Asean, Fatty Crab, Penang and Nyonya from October 11 to November 19. Follow them at @malaysiakitchn. [FitR]

EAST VILLAGE — Hearth just purchased a hen of the woods mushroom the size of a toddler. [@marcocanora via The Feast]

NANNY STATES — The New York City Health Department released a new food scold commercial online featuring a poor guy who downs 16 packs of sugar which is the equivalent of a 20 oz. bottle of sugary soda. Thankfully this time, it's not a total gross-out and the suggestions are pretty reasonable: "Go with water, fat-free milk, seltzer, or unsweetened tea instead. Head over to Eater National for the video. [Eater National]


86B Wallis Road, , England E9 5LN Visit Website

House of Waris Tea House

504 W 24th St New York, NY 10001