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Funny Photos of Todd English: A Retrospective

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Perhaps more than any New York chef, Todd English knows how to take a photo. In good times and in bad, the man always has a smile on his face and is ready to pose for the camera, no matter how preposterous the photo op may be. Here’s a fond look back:

"If they gave Emmys for cooking, this is what my living room would look like!" [photo]

“People say I’m quite the catch, but this guy’s not too bad either.”[photo]

"This is your captain speaking. Cocktail hour has now begun on the lido deck." [photo]

“You know in Italy, they ride these crazy things all over the place. Wild.” [photo]

“We got more seafood than we can eat. Hungry?”[photo]

"This cheese grater is crazy! Just crank the wheel and the shredded cheese come out the other side! "

"The White Stripes are a big influence on us." [photo]

"The name's Todd, Todd English — and don't you forget it!" [photo]

"Did somebody say 'models and sashimi' ?" [photo]

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