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You Must Be This Tall To Party At Provocateur

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In yet another justification of its top spot on the Eater Door Report, Provocateur is in the news again for denying women entry to the club if they are deemed too short. According to a Page Six item, venture capitalist Sean Parker was partying at the MePa club with a group of friends and tried to help two ladies get inside. Owner Mike Satsky and his head door girl Mistress Sheena Tesora weren't having it, telling Parker that they couldn't come in and allegedly referring to them as "midgets and elves". Parker then allegedly exploded, saying "this is profiling! I know you guys have a height requirement for women, and the reason these girls can't come in is because these girls are too short," which would simply be amazing if it was true. Parker then apparently threatened to have Tesora's Facebook account erased. No! Sadly, Satsky denied the accusation, saying "we have a strict reservation policy."
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