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Roberta's and The Brooklyn Star Back Williamsburg Pizzeria

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Back when chef Joaquin Baca vacated his original Brooklyn Star space, six months after it suffered a tragic fire, he mentioned that the space would stay in the family while he rebuilt his restaurant project elsewhere. And stay it shall. Best Pizza, a new slice joint and sit down pizzeria that will open in the old Brooklyn Star space any day now (tipsters and locals have already tried the pies during some dry runs) is a joint venture between the teams at Brooklyn Star and Bushwick pizzeria/restaurant/farm/radio station/hipster hang Roberta's. Baca tells Eater that he and the folks over at Roberta's are backing the venture but that pizzaolo Frank Pinello is the man in charge of running the place and creating the pies.

Expect more on the place when it opens, but until then, here's our tipster's take on the pie:

I just had a 20 inch garlic and anchovy pizza from "Best Pizza" in the old Brooklyn Star space...the crust and sauce smacked of Roberta's but the pizza was in a more old school NY pizzaria style. They serve pizza by the slice in that grand old oven and will start delivering soon. It was amazing by the way.
Hear that? Amazing. Pizza fiends, better get to it.
· Fire Ravaged Brooklyn Star Takes Lazy Catfish Space [~ENY~]


401 Franklin Street, , TX 77201 Visit Website

The Brooklyn Star

593 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 599-9899 Visit Website

Best Pizza

33 Havemayer St., Brooklyn, NY