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The Early Word on New Polynesian Palace The Hurricane Club

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Krieger, 9/23/10

The Hurricane Club, the biggest of the three tiki/Polynesian projects to open in New York this year, made its debut last week after a star-studded New York Wine & Food Festival kickoff party hosted by Eater. Now that the dining world followers have had time to weigh in on more than just the passed snacks and hollowed out coconuts at the opening bash, it's time to check in on the good news and that always present bad news. So far, it seems that the crowds dig the space and love the drinks even more. The food? Well...did we mention they love the drinks? Here, the early word:

The Great Drinks News: Commenter George Quincy Arbuckle Munster is a fast fan: "I had the privlidge of eating there just last night. FANTASTIC. I would have to agree, the "Tiki theme" is a bit over-emphasized in the reviews. The atmosphere is that of a tiki bar/upper class restaurant meets Studio 54. I thought the name "The Hurricane Club" was a childish name, until I saw the atmosphere that accompanied it. Every good food, not a single complaint. However, not the best in the city either. If you're going to check out The Hurricane Club, I beg you - and only for your own sake. DRINK A LOT! The pastry chef from The Hurricane's sister restaurant developed syrups for the mixed drinks and liquors. When they served you a shot of sweet rum out of a hollowed out lime, i'm telling you with the utmost certainty - you will consider drinking away your entire meal. Nector of the GODS! This is going to be the city's new hot spot. GUARENTEED!" [Eater Comments]

The Okay News: One Yelper writes, "Overall impression was that the food was pretty good, with some pleasant surprises (Peanut Butter and Guava Jam Sandwiches with Prosciutto and Thai Basil; Honey Glazed Baby Back Ribs), and the drink menu is elaborate and fun. I don't think you go here for gourmet food, but it's a great place for groups to go and have some wild drinks while sharing pu pu platters and entrees...Prices are a little on the high side but portions are huge on the entrees, so people can easily share." [Yelp]

The Bad News: Another Yelper is taken with the space, not so much by the food: "My husband and I wandered into the Hurricane Club last night for dinner. The restaurant is gorgeous - nicely decorated, airy and spacious. It really feels like you've traveled outside New York...Our table for dinner was elevated and had a great view of the bar...The service was fantastic. From the hostess, to the bartenders, to the waiters, and everyone we encountered - the staff could not have been nicer and more welcoming. Now for the bad...(sadly) the food. Ugh! The food was horrible. Truly terrible. I am very sad to say this because I really loved everything about the restaurant up until my first bite. We had appetizers, sides, entrees, and dessert - each one was worse than the last. It was a toss up for the worst dish, but the over-cooked mushy and exceedingly salty prawns, tasteless red snapper bathed in a bright red and completely flavorless sauce, and sweet and slimy coconut rice were all head-to-head for the honor." [Yelp]

The Good News: The sole Menupages commenter keeps it short and sweet: "We had a great time trying all if the delicious food and drinks and the atmosphere was great and vibrant." [Menupages]

The Great Drinks, Meh Food News Eat Big Apple is also a fan of the drinks but not really the dfood: "The drinks are absolutely phenomenal, each of them finely crafted with muddled leaves, fresh fruit, and presented in gorgeous glasses. These are some of the best drinks I’ve seen around the city, and a tremendous value at around $12 a drink. Just take a look at this frozen strawberry and passion fruit drink, it’s as delicious as it looks....The sashimi and shrimp were a tad under seasoned, but still tasted very fresh and refreshing...The ribs were glazed beautifully, and fell right off the bone. However the glaze itself might have been in the oven for too long, and tasted a bit crusty. The mango chicken was cooked so perfectly tender, but the flavor was a bit too exotic for my traditional taste." [Eat Big Apple]

The Hurricane Club

360 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 (212) 951-7111 Visit Website

The Hurricane Club

360 Park Ave. S New York, NY 10010