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Luna Park May Replace Boardwalk Old-Timer with Fancy Resto


Valerio Ferrari, the man that owns Coney Island amusement park Luna Park and is the broker for the other 11 properties on the Boardwalk including Shoot the Freak, Lola Star, and Cha Chas has not told his tenants yet whether or not their leases will be renewed at the end of the this year. Those notifications will come at the end of October.

But while the old timers wait to hear their fate, Ferrari is musing about what he will do with the spaces of the businesses that don't get to come back. He wants to open a fancy sit down restaurant. Sun bathing, freak show watching, roller coaster riding...and tablecloths and waiters? Or, you know, he could just add a Shake Shack.
· Boardwalk landlord seeks 'sit-down' restaurant [NYP]