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Nightlife Opening Report: The Windsor, SNAP and More!

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Who says that every bar has to open during Fashion Week. The next two weeks are littered with openings all around this great city. Let's get to it.

2010_10_windsorsmall.jpgWEST VILLAGE— It may have multiple flat screen TV's and a 12-person banquette positioned directly across from one, but please, please, please do not call the Windsor a sports bar. Why? As a person close to the operation tells Eater, "people read sports bar and they imagine a frat scene" and the re-do of the former Charles couldn't be further from that. If it was a sports bar, would it serve fine food like truffle mac-and-cheese or a red velvet cupcake in a mason jar? Read that again. Cupcake in a jar! So let's all remember that the Windsor is not a sports bar. It's a very refined neighborhood bar and restaurant.
The Windsor: 234 W. 4th Street

MIDTOWN— There will be a grand opening celebration of the Strand Hotel, the Strand Restaurant, and Top of The Strand Penthouse Bar this week. Now, you are probably wondering why a hotel and roof bar that opened in 2009 would be holding a grand opening in 2010. According to their reps, "now that all of the elements of the property are completed including the restaurant, they are having an official opening event." Aha!
The Strand: 33 West 37th Street between 5th and 6th Ave

MEPA— The Bunker Club had a little preview during Fashion Week and then closed down to make final preparations for an October opening. According to the Daddy, the space soft opened last week, meaning that Beatrice Inn alumni have been all over the place. An Eater operative attempted to make a reservation via the recently launched website but failed, saying that the address provided got bounced right back. Don't give up so easy!
The Bunker Club: 24 9th Avenue @ 13th Street

MEPA— SNAP, the MePa's new sports bar and lounge, is soft opening this weekend and opens to the public on November 1st. To kick things off, they will be holding a private event tomorrow night hosted by NFL great Larry Johnson. In case you forgot, this is the most high tech new sports bar in the City, featuring a 20-foot long LED tri-color ticker embedded in the bar and banquettes made out of the same material as footballs. SNAP!
SNAP: 248 W. 14th Street

LES— Freemans is putting the finishing touches on its long awaited second floor space and the word on the street is that the space will host its first event later this week. The space has been rumored to be their answer to the Spotted Pig's mysterious and uber exclusive Third Floor.
Freemans: End of Freeman Alley @ Rivington St


Freeman Alley, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 420-0012 Visit Website

The Windsor

234 W. 4th St, New York, NY