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No More Crafts for Tom Colicchio; Cites Brand Dilution

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In a Crain's piece about the opening of Tom Colicchio's new waterfront restaurant Riverpark, the restaurateur and Top Chef judge says that he's done opening iterations of his high end NYC restaurant Craft, adding that "The assumption is that it's a chain, and that dilutes the brand." He already has Crafts in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in addition to the original on Easth 19th Street. Of course, that doesn't mean he's going to necessarily stop with the 'wichcrafts or the craftsteaks, but he mentions that he wants to focus on opening restaurants highlighting his talented chefs, like Sisha Ortuzar at Riverpark.

Another interesting but none too surprising tidbit from the piece: the biotech complex that houses Riverpark is footing most of the bill for the restaurant in order to attract new businesses and residents. Colicchio, who almost dropped the deal when Colicchio & Sons opened, was chosen out of a lineup of 20 potential restaurateurs.

Also, the developer is hoping to turn the homeless shelter next door at Bellevue into a luxury hotel, bringing even more people (and less homeless people!) to the area.
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