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Di Fara Documentary Gets Special Access Dom DeMarco

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Have 17 minutes to spare? Check out "The Best Thing I Ever Done," a short documentary by New School graduate student Margaret Emily Mackenzie on Dom DeMarco and his famed pizzeria Di Fara. According to I Dream of Pizza this is the first time DeMarco has ever sat down for an extensive interview on camera and given such access to a filmmaker.

The documentary consists of plenty of beauty shots inside and outside of the restaurant, shows Dom doing everything from opening the store in the morning to doling out the dough (no measuring of course), and putting together and cutting the pies. He talks about how he bought the shop with he was 26 ("I don't know Avenue J existed), how he met his wife at the shop, the publicity, the crushing crowds. His daughters, a.k.a. his assistants, discuss about their roles prepping his station, his eating and working habits, the dance that is the service at the restaurant, and oh so much more. The full video is below.

The Best Thing I Ever Done HQ from MargaretEmily MacKenzie on Vimeo.

· The Best Thing I Ever Done [Vimeo]
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Di Fara

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