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After Atlantic Yards Displacement, Freddy's Finds New Home

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Freddy's, the Brooklyn dive that was forced to leave its Dean Street home earlier this year because of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project, has just signed a new lease about two miles away from its original spot after seven previous deals fell through. They'll now live at 627 5th Ave. over by 17th Street in the nether regions of Park Slope next to the highway.

But the address isn't the only change. In a press release today we learn that the original owner has left the business (in a last minute decision), and now it will be run by former manager Donald O'Finn and former bartenders Matt Khun and Matt Kimmett. They say the opening is now dependent on the community board and the Department of Buildings. They add, "We will still feature our popular videos, art exhibitions, live music and a few surprises. The 'Chains of Justice' will still grace our bar as a reminder of the power of the community bond."
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Freddy's Bar

627 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY