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Pot Farm Found in Basement Under Neighburrito

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Wonder why the wares at Rivington Street's Neighburrito are so addictive? Apparently, it's because the burrito shop sits above a pot farm with 150 - 200 plants, as discovered yesterday by the FDNY and NYPD.

A tipster tells Bowery Boogie that a resident of the building at 127 Rivington called the fire department last night because of a steam leak in the boiler. While on the scene, the FDNY noticed a missing fire escape on the back of the building, making the place officially uninhabitable. Then they looked further and found the giant pot den in the basement and called the police, who then showed up and cuffed the owners of Neighburitto. Meanwhile the tenants of the building were forced to vacate. Allegedy.

It's a lose-lose really, for the neighbors, for the burrito guys, for their pot buying clients. To be fair, those LES rents are pretty high. You can't make that cash on burritos alone.
· Pot Bust and Evictions at 127 Rivington Street [BB]


127 Rivington St., New York, NY