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Neighburrito Swears it Didn't Know About Grow Room

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Neighburrito is quick on the damage control. Just hours after news broke that a pot den was discovered in the basement of the Lower East Side burrito joint and that the owners of said joint were taken in for questioning, lawyers get in touch to say they have nothing to do with weed farm. Per their lawyer:

Please be advised that the owner’s of Neighburrito had no knowledge of any of the illegal activities taking place at 127 Rivington prior to Monday night. They were not aware of any of the multitude of building code violations discovered at the building that led the FDNY and PDNY to discover the marijuana growing facility located beneath their restaurant. While the police did understandably question my client, he was released and no charges were ever filed. It is my understanding that the police did in fact arrest and charge the actual operator of the facility.
So no, you cannot buy a side of pot with your burrito. Sorry.
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127 Rivington St., New York, NY