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EMP Redesign Includes Internet Guest Stalking

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In an article on Gourmet Live about maître d’s and the aids they use in the digital age—Google image search, social networking sites, etc.—there's a crazy anecdote about Eleven Madison Park. Now Danny Meyer's people are known for being thorough in the hospitality department, thanking diners who blog about them, following up with Chowhounders who complain about bad service, and so on. They're heavy users of Google Alerts. But get this story: Some guy traveling to New York tweets, "Burger King in the airport waiting for my flight to NYC. I’ll consider this my amuse-bouche for Eleven Madison Park!" The next day, after the amuse-bouche at EMP, the waiter brings out the man's next course. "But instead of a torchon of foie gras or an heirloom tomato puree, each tiny plate held a single, silver dollar-size lamb burger on a diminutive bun. 'We hope these are better than the one you had at the airport,' he said with a wink."

Wha? So is this cute, genius? Or super creepy stalkery? It must be all part of Eleven Madison Park's new plan to become "one of the world’s standard bearers of fine dining." For the record, the guy who got the burgers was "delighted." Put your thoughts in the comments.
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