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New York Restaurant Missed Connections

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Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist, to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room, but weren’t able to muster the courage to say something to. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love is on the menu for these lonely people sometime soon.

rustyknotmissedconnection1.jpg HOTNESS AT THE KNOT Friday night - Rusty Knot (m4m): I've never done a missed connection before but I hope this works. You were in the plaid shirt with your girlfriends with thick dark hair and rough stubble that made me crazy. You couldn't be entirely straight because your connection with those girls was strictly platonic. We looked at each other a few times and I was too afraid to speak to you for fear you were straight. Would love to hear from you one way or the other. [Photo]

cupidcommerce1.jpgFOR LOVE OR FOR MONEY?Commerce - Saturday Evening (m4w): We were sitting at the bar this evening at Commerce. You discussed your switch from the corporate world to the non-profit world. We discussed how great this city is, and how at any given moment magic can and does happen. I should have asked you for your number while we were there, but I didn't know if you were interested or not. Perhaps you were? I'm pretty sure you won't read this, but it feels good to put it out into the universe. [Photo]

Pies%20N%20Thighsmissedconnections1.jpgA WING, A LEG, A...KISS?Smiled at You with Your Book in Pies n Thighs Tonight (w4m): I saw you tonight in Pies 'n' Thighs around 8pm, reading your book, wearing a white t-shirt and black glasses. You and I smiled at each other and waved to each other and I totally should have talked to you before you left, but I didn't. I'm the blonde girl in the green v-neck sweater who was there with her friend with the blonde fauxhawk. You finished and left before we did and as soon as I let you walk out without saying anything, I regretted it. So, write to me if you're that guy and let's chat. Hope to hear from you! [Photo]

primemeatshearts1.jpg WHAT'S THE WURST THAT COULD HAPPEN?Prime Meats Restaurant (w4m): The set up: booth by the door in Prime Meats restaurant, a bit before 5 today -the 16th. You: Caucasian, short brown hair, with 2 other people. Me: dark long hair, dark eyes, tan coat. I wasn't in the restaurant for very long, but our eyes kept meeting, and smiles were exchanged. I wanted to say something but felt intrusive as you were with people. I was intrigued, and if by some chance you (or your dining partners) see this you should write back. [Photo]

vanessasmissedconnections1%20copy.psd BROKEN HEARTS, FIVE FOR A DOLLAR Saw you at Vanessa's Dumplings. (w4m): We were at Vanessa's Dumplings - I noticed you as soon as i walked in with my two friends. You were sitting with a girl (hopefully not your girlfriend lol) we exchanged looks and we smiled at each other- i noticed you are Asian. I thought you were really cute, but there was something more that made me want to find you. You were wearing a gray beenie hat. email me :) [Photo]

republicmissedconnections1.jpgYOUR PAD THAI OR MINE?Union Square NYC Newbie at Republic: Never done this before but what the heck, we chatted over noodles at bar by the front and I had so much on my mind that I forgot to ask for your number. I actually enjoy showing people around the city etc. (Feel so silly doing this haha) Anyway if you'd like to make a friend, see some things, have some beers etc I'm down....would have been so much simpler had I just given you my number there...oh well! Haha. Me short blond/brown hair with a red sweater. I remember your name so just reply with that in the subject line if you ever see this!?!? I mean if they can rescue those Chilean miners I figure I got a shot at least ;-). [Photo]

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