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Mama Rosa Employees Totally Flip Out on Park Slope Blogger

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Late last month popular Brooklyn blog Fucked in Park Slope posted a complaint about a shitshow of a meal at Mexican restaurant Mama Rosa. Now sometimes, when bloggers or Yelpers or reviewers pen takedowns of their restaurnants owners and chefs respond. Eddie Huang takes to the blog, Graham Eliot Bowles takes to the twitter. In this case, two employees at Mama Rosa email FiPS and get in the comments to pretty much flip out. The excerpts are fairly unsavory but here's a taste: "Its bitchy stupid people like that that makes this great country seem like simpletons...With sincerity that you get mugged or trapped in a burning building or run over by the F train (why the F train you ask? F for 'FUCK YOU!!!!!)_ I bid you adieu." Keeping it classy!

Someone needs to put a leash on their staffers.
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Mama Rosa

669 Union St., Brooklyn, NY