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Guggenheim Plans Upscale, Tear Shaped Hot Dog Kiosk

Earlier this summer news leaked that the Guggenheim was looking to add a high end food kiosk on the outside of the museum to replace the dirty water dog vendor that parks nearby. Four months later, and they have some blueprints and renderings to present to the Landmarks Preservation Committee. Architect Andre Kikoski, the same man who put together newish restaurant The Wright, is in charge, and Curbed reports that he's come up with a teardrop-shaped kiosk that will sit beneath the museum's Fifth Avenue overhang. It is enclosed on three sides with a service window facing the museum in the back.

According to the equipment list, there will be hot dogs.
· The Guggenheim Museum Sheds a Tear for Hot Dog Fans [~ENY~]

The Guggenheim

1071 Fifth Ave., New York, NY