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JGV on the Economy: 'New York Has Been Holding its Own'

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Speaking of Jean-Georges, Mr. Vongerichten and his business partner Phil Suarez were interviewed yesterday on CNBC about the business side of fine dining. Because they have restaurants all over the world, their business is a barometer of what's happening globally, and according to them, traffic and spending is picking up again, even at the higher end. They're even considering opening more restaurants in New York, since "New York has been holding its own, doing better than ever."

And for those that can't get enough JGV, the man will also be appearing on this Saturday's episode of the Sundance Channel's Iconoclasts along with Hugh Jackman. On the show, the two go on a proper bro date that includes a trip to the farmers’ market, boxing practice, and a benefit dinner at ABC Kitchen.
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