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Oh Snap! New Sports Bar Getting High Tech!

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When is a name more than just a name? How about when it's also an acronym. The soon to open SNAP sports bar and lounge fits that bill, with the name being short for Sports Nightlife And Pastime. The re-do of the old Country Club space, right next to the soon-to-open club/resto The Darby, is taking things high tech with a bar that, according to the press release, is "imbedded with a state of the art 20-foot long LED tri-color ticker" that will showcase a constant flow of sports scores and probably make its customers dizzy. The technology train keeps rolling with an under development SNAP app that will display patrons fantasy sports scores on a TV. And who could forget the banquette's upholstered in actual pigskin leather? But SNAP knows technology and uncomfortable seats alone won't make it successful, so the bar "will also host weekly events featuring celebrity athlete hosts, TV viewings, fantasy sports tournaments, video gaming competitions, and alumni viewing parties." Now you're talking. SNAP opens to the public on October 28.
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248 W. 14th St., New York, NY