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The Top Five Quotes from Today's John DeLucie Profile

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Today, the Post runs a lengthy piece on current The Lion chef and former Waverly Inn chef and partner John DeLucie, who they say "may be one of the hottest chefs in New York right now — but not necessarily because of his food." It reveals that the chef has signed on to do a Sirius radio show, is going to make a cameo on Gossip Girl, is shopping his memoir around for a TV show or movie, and is looking for restaurants to take over in Midtown and LA. Also, it features these five quotes:

· "People pat my ass walking out the door — our investors, partners, customers, celebrities...I guess it’s a cute one."
· "If the reviewer thinks the place is so terrible, why can’t he get in?"
· "Have I changed anything because of the comments? Maybe my e-mail address."
· "I’m a fashion guy, but I’m casual — I wear my G Star jeans, Simon Spur shirts and Gucci shoes..."
· I’d like to write observational stuff about my life. I have a studio in my house, and I want to play and produce music. I want to move to Hollywood and drive a convertible..."

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