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Groundbreaking Advances In The Champagne Brunch Game

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It seemed that the Saturday brunch party was a fully baked concept. Take cheese ball guys in button down shirts and over-dressed females that love to wave their arms in the air, cheap champagne that will be both sprayed and consumed, and obnoxiously loud house music, and presto, a fun party. But nightlife blogger ChiChi212 hit up Lavo's inaugural and reported some potentially groundbreaking trends that could shake up the entire brunch party industry. To start, although there was copious amounts of rose Champagne consumed, there was no spraying of Champagne because "it's banned at the venue." ZOMG! But even if you can't spray that member of the opposite sex waving their arm like a tourist trying to hail a cab, you can order a Costco size bottle of Lavo's house rose (see photo), which ChiChi says is not only delivered by waitresses holding sparklers, but "is covered in sparklers and brought out to you by some good sport in a Superman costume to the Superman theme song."
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