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A Mixed Bag for Stationary Taco Truck Señor Tacombi

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Señor Tacombi, the breakout taco truck (van, really) from Playa del Carmen and owner Dario Wolos Cantu, recently opened inside a garage-like space on Elizabeth Street just south of Houston thanks to a partnership with chef Aaron Sanchez. A stationary taco truck inside a trendy Nolita storefront? Even before the official open, there was one pretty rough burn of the place, but now that she's made herself available to the public (with breakfast tacos!), will this four-wheeled mamacita prove her worth? To the early word:

The Bad News: Yelper Heather C. simply cannot fathom Tacombi's existence. "This place makes no sense. There's a truck, inside. And you have to buy tickets at one counter to give it to the guy in the truck. Why? Plus, the tacos are overpriced and bland as hell. It's a great space and if they just turned it into a real Mexican restaurant instead of some hokey concept it would be a nice hangout, if they fixed the horrible food. Also, the iPad cash registers are obnoxious." [Yelp]

The Mostly Great News: We Are Adventurers loves the food, but not so much the lines. "Anyone who’s friends with me knows that I have an obsession with spicy food, especially for spicy tacos...The flounder and veggie tacos and were delish and the agua fresca is worth the extra few bucks. The only downside was that once a line formed, it took a bit of time to actually get my food. I think they’ll figured it out and I still left with spicy taco breath - mmmm" [We Are Adventurers]

The Not So Good News: is not happy. "Fonda Nolita on Elizabeth St. I’m not fond of it. The fish was tasteless and bland. The corn was ok. If you’re stuck in lower Manhattan, well, there you go." []

The Brief but Positive News: The tips on Foursquare are pretty positive. Says one, " Cash Only and Go With the Rice Milk!!!" And another, "Roast pork for the win." And a third, "Sausage and eggs taco in the AM is off the charts.. Great vibes in Fonda too..." [Foursquare]

The Twitterific News: Musician The Jillionaire is very impressed and has some fightin' words for LA, "just had the ill @tacombi with @MissEljon. best tacos ever, LA you lose.". Dennis Lake is ecstatic, "Just had tacombi ..... Lightsout. The best tacos I have ever had!!!!". See-ming Lee never met a taco he didn't hate...until this, "Sold! @carolinelau recommended this and It's the first taco I liked!" and photographer Quinton Ma experiences a long wait and questions the merits of breakfast tacos, "Sure takes a long time to get a breakfast taco from @tacombi, no one's here. I wonder if it's worth opening so early on a weekday".
—Zachary Feldman
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Fonda Nolita/Senor Taombi

267 Elizabeth St., New York, NY