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Eddie Huang on the Sifton Goose Egg: 'I Loved this Review'

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Eddie Huang has just posted a response to Sam Sifton's goose egg review of Xiao Ye on his blog. The whole thing's worth a read, but here are a few highlights:

who wants a star if you didn't earn it? I loved this review. Not just cause I like how Sifton gets the narrative at restaurants and that he didn't bash the vibe/culture... You're not talking about a culinary school dude, a chef, a restauranteur, or a guy that even reads the times for news. I hit the roor and watch the daily show. I've been around and done a lot so this doesn't faze me. But am I going to change this time? Yes. I can't just wing it anymore. People are paying good money for this. It's not a game... This is as apologetic as I'll ever get, but I'm sorry. Man gotta admit his mistakes.
Eddie also notes that after Sifton passed through, he got back in the kitchen full time, which is something he also mentioned to us two weeks ago.
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Xiao Ye

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Xiao Ye

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