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René Redzepi on the Hardships Facing NYC Chefs

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Noma's René Redzepi in part two of his three part interview with Joshua David Stein:

As a chef I think life is a bit easier in Copenhagen than it is in New York City where you are constantly being watched and the rents are so expensive, everybody is open seven days a week. It's always always always always. We're closed two days a week for instance. If I want to, I can just shut off. I'm in the kitchen and nothing else. Nobody can get to me. That's impossible here. I feel it on the guys [in New York] that they have to somehow be part of [the scene]. If I say for two weeks I don't want to talk to anybody, that'll happen.
He also explains that Alan Richman, while in Copenhagen for a week, taught him how to say "Oy" and became fast friends with his Jewish wife. And he seems pretty impressed with Russ & Daughters and coffee shop Abraço.
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