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'Green' Hand Pulled Noodle Joint Opens Tomorrow in Noho

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A new hand-pulled noodle joint will join the Manhattan fray, as the 50-seat Hung Ry opens its down on Bond Street tomorrow night. But unlike some of the heralded noodle joints in Chinatown, this newcomer is serving "organic" noodles and is focused on keeping things "green" and "simple." And to pay those Noho rents, they might just be a smidge pricier too. The noodles will be served with combos like beef with tripe, smoked egg with sweet onion, purple potato and mustard oil, chicken with cockscomb, ballantine, liver, purslane and corn cake, or duck breast with duck leg, gizzard, szechuan pepper, carrot, and orange preserve. Sounds very simple!

Also, per press materials, "The dining room will feature recycled wood floors, chairs that once seated students from the University of Pennsylvania’s library, and a large assortment of eBay finds." Check out the menu below.

Soft quail eggs, pumpkin seeds, chilies. 3
Stuffed pancake. 4
Frog legs, aromatic herb butter. 5
Daoza. 4

Young greens, apple, ginko. 5.5
Seasonal vegetable plate. 6.5
Beef tongue, black chickpeas, carrot, pickled garlic broth. 7.5
Monk fish liver, pak choi, longan, hen of the woods. 9
Salad of Lobster, black bean shoots, radish, cucumber, salted chilies. 9
Roasted marrow bone, wasabi, celery root. 8
Veal head terrine, broccoli, peanuts. 7

Beef brisket, tripe, smoked egg: Onion, purple potato, mustard oil. 13
Silky chicken, liver ballontine: Mache, corn cake. 14
Mutton sausage, liver: Salted black cabbage,. 14
Peking duck breast, leg: Szechuan pepper, sweet peppers. 15
Lobster, scallop: Sunchoke, masutake, truffle. 19
Pork belly, tail, tongue: Apple, turnip, crispy leaf. 13
Red wheat noodle: Tomato, bush beans, sesame. 11
Spelt noodle: Squash broth, charred tamarind, peppers. 11

Honey soufflé, apples, walnuts. 8.5
Sorbets: pear, tomato, blueberry. 2.5/ea.
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Hung Ry

55 Bond Street, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website

Hung Ry

55 Bond St., New York, NY