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Early Responders Weigh In on Bar Blanc Re-do Lowcountry

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Krieger, 10/4/10

Lowcountry, home to owners Kiwon Standen and Didier Palange's new Southern concept opened last week in their old Bar Blanc/Bar Blanc Bistro space. The cuisine of South Carolina and Georgia as interpreted by chef Will Sullivan is on display here with a menu that features Southern classics like fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, as well as shrimp and grits. It's a definite change from the previous Bistro incarnation - was it a good change, though? To the early word:

The "Small Portions, High Prices" News: From the tipline, we hear that the food, while good, is overpriced. "Decor is good - sort of an amalgam between Wilfie and Nell and Highlands and Redhead. Seems better suited for low key drinks than the spot's previous iterations. Food was fine but portions were RIDICULOUSLY small and prices were WAY too high. I'd go back for a drink but come on - a few spoonfulls of grits for $14??? They're competing against some good new spots in the area, and Joseph Leonard is doing similar things at much high quality at similar prices. Either drop prices by at least 25% or double portion size, or they're going to be in trouble." [Eater Tipline]

The Shilltastic News: Eater commenter dcanddown chooses to comment for the first time to defend a previous commenters charge that the place looks depressing with a wildly positive response. "I was there Saturday night and the food was outstanding. Also, the feel inside the space was the opposite of depressing. Good tunes, packed bar and people having a great time. Highly recommend it." [ENY]

The Devolving News: MenuPages commenter jake the snake has seen the place in all its forms as the title of his comment "From High Culinary to Low Country" makes clear. "Its sad to see a restaurant continue to decline, as I ate at the original Bar Blanc when chef Caesar ramirez was at the helm, and the food was amazing! I am and now utterly shocked to find that it has evolved into a chicken and rib joint. Instead of dover sole and duck, it is now catfish and wings! I just couldn't take it when I was offered a $6 PBR with a shot at the bar! Will this place become a Papaya King next?!" [MenuPages]

The "Needs Improvement" News: Yelper Rick R. had a good meal but isn't sure he'd be so quick to return. Considering his thoughts on the service, it's understandable. "We had a reservation but the hostess acted confused by it (even though they called to confirm 30 mins before) and sat us at an awful table. I suggested another one nearby and she cheerfully obliged. The servers standing around were doing too much of just that- standing around. Reminded me of a Jr. High dance at the very beginning- before the fun people arrived." At least the food was better. "We had the mac and cheese for an appetizer- it was good. Fine. We also had the catfish entree. It was good and I really enjoyed the remoulade sauce. C did not like the sauce that much and was not in love with it. I chose the word "good" above because that's the biggest issue with this restaurant. Everything was good, fine, nice, etc. In the competitive NYC market, I suggest they step it up a notch." He proceeds to lay out a four-point plan to improve the place before ending on an optimistic note. "Overall, I think this place could be really, really good and I don't want to see it fail. Since they're new, give it a couple weeks and then try it out!" [Yelp]

The Good News: Yelper Mohammad R. leaves a simple recommendation. At least that's what we think it is - he just names the dishes and leaves it at that. "Bourbon-cider glazed pork chop and grouper with late-summer succotash" Seeing that he gave them four stars, we'll assume it's a recommendation. [Yelp]
—Gary Wong


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142 West 10th St., New York, NY