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Have the Neighbors Forced McNally to Abandon Cafe Space?

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A time line of 18 Greenwich Ave. over the past year:

2/10: Village Paper explodes
4/14: Gay bar Pieces applies for an application in the space, is denied
5/14: West Village restaurant Bobo proposes an all day cafe with a rooftop farm and a tie to the local public schools, is denied
8/4: Keith McNally signs a lease on the space

9/17: Neighbors deny McNally's proposal for a Pulino's Cafe
10/1: Neighbors tell McNally they'd be more open to a new concept.
10/12: McNally withdraws application from Community Board 2

This does not mean for certain that this saga is over, but restaurateurs usually have an application laid over (see first item in image above) when they need more time. If this is what it looks like, it will mean that CB2 has successfully driven Danny Meyer, Ken Friedman, and Keith McNally out of spaces in the last year. Perhaps Hanson should give the space a go.
Update: McNally confirms that yes, he has officially given up on the space.
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