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Coffee Shop El Beit Expands with New Brick Oven Concept

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El Beit, one of the big coffee snob hangouts of Williamsburg, is opening up a second location in the neighborhood near the corner of Berry and North 3rd. In addition to serving premium coffee drinks and baked goods, the new spot will also rock a full menu of market-inspired Mediterranean fare, made in a full kitchen space with a wood-fired brick oven. The team at El Beit tells us that it's going to be counter service, will have about 25 seats in the dining room, and will open sometime in early November. And if you have any skill with operating a high temperature brick oven, they're looking for some kitchen help.
· El Beit Job Posting [Craigslist]

El Beit 2

Berry St. and North 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11211