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The Badass Kitchen Injuries of New York's Top Chefs

In an illustrated Op-Art piece in the Times this Sunday, a dozen chefs, including Anita Lo, Dan Barber, Mark Ladner, and Andrew Carmellini talk about their worst kitchen injuries. Suffice it to say, a good percentage of them are missing the tips of some of their fingers. To file under Most Badass is Diner's Sean Remold, who burns himself every time he puts a co-worker in danger (three times so far). Also, from Harold Dieterle:

In 1998, I was deboning a New York strip steak when a dishwasher bumped into me. The knife sliced through my thumb right down to the bone. Light-headed and dizzy, I drank a Coke before cauterizing the wound on the flat-top grill. Then I drove to the local drugstore to buy gauze and tape, and returned to work. After we’d completed dinner service, I took myself to the nearest E.R., where I was given 32 stitches.
Oh, and a chef once purposefully closed Johnny Iuzzini's arm in an oven door.
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