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NYCWFF 2010 The Big Reveals from the Eater Lounge: New Projects for Denton, White, Canora, Burke, and MORE

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For those who missed it, Eater held a Blogger Lounge at the Standard Hotel over the weekend to offer an oasis in the middle of the madness that was the New York City Wine and Food Festival. Dozens of chefs, including Michael White, Eddie Huang, and Andrew Carmellini, rolled through to chat about their latest projects, the Eater team live blogged it, and much fun was had by all. Here are just a few of the reveals from the weekend at the lounge:

· David Burke is very close to signing a deal on a new restaurant, is flirting with the idea of opening in the new Nets stadium, wants to do a steakhouse in New York, and is searching for a new property in Miami or Boca. Also, his Wine Wheel is here to stay.

· Tom Colicchio wants to launch a farm with his partners over at Riverpark on East 29th Street just past 1st Avenue.

· Marco Canora is looking to expand his Terroir concept and is looking into West Chelsea, the Upper West Side, and up in the 90's, 100's, 110s, saying, "I'm really interested in finding underserved neighborhoods. I'm not so interested in other places, like the heart of West Village, where the rents are through the roof."

· 'inoteca owner Jason Denton is opening two new restaurants, one in Tribeca and one in Williamsburg.

· Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield's John Dory 2.0 will have only stools—stools with backs. And they'll open by November 1 (maybe).

· Andrew Carmellini is getting help from Bloomberg's special task force that fast-tracked Eataly to open by late November. The restaurant will be divided into a walk in oyster bar, a feminine front room, and a reservations-only handsome tavern-like back room.

· Michael White says he's done signing new restaurant deals in New York and is going to focus on getting a piece of that sweet, sweet Asian market.

· Eddie Huang is psyched for his Times review, plans on switching kitchen with the guys from No. 7, and is planning an Asian/Mexican dinner as an ode to Kenny Powers.

· Frank Castronovo and Falcinelli have expanded the depth of their provisions store to include pretty everything on their menu and tell Eater that their West Village restaurant will be "Frankies with guns blazing," meaning they'll be putting their chefs whites back on.

· Scott Conant swears he says no to more deals than he says yes to and is evolving the Faustina space.

· Daniel Angerer hopes his Brats: Dogs & Wieners concept will grow into a city-wide chain.

· Amanda Cohen is considering swapping kitchens with John Fraser of Dovetail for a night.

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