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The Meatball Shop's Daniel Holtzman is a Good Drunk

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Grub Street runs an entertaining New York Diet today with The Meatball Shop co-owner Daniel Holtzman. Holtzman, "a real slut for a piece of fruit with some spice on it," spends the week writing his cookbook, working on a new recipe for Meatball Madness this coming Thursday, and generally running around. At one point, he brings his mother to try a meatball that was recently slammed on Yelp because she "she borders on downright rude about it sometimes." He says, of showing up drunk at the restaurant, "I guess I pulled it off because everyone was like, 'You seemed completely lucid and sober.' I don't know if they were just being nice, though, because I woke up the next morning with my lights on, in my underwear, with my door open and one sock on, on top of the sheets. But I'm a good drunk, apparently."

Holtzman also says that he's struggling trying to figure out where to put the next location of The Meatball Shop, and "whether we should open in a cool, expensive neighborhood or be a more regular, hard-hat lunch spot." Scroll down to the bottom to read his story about trying to borrow some polenta from Eataly.
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