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Ken Friedman's Ace Hotel Basement Bar Is a Go Go Go!

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Just days after Ken Friedman leaked details of his Tin Pan Alley throwback bar in a neighborhood newsletter, the Spotted Pig and Breslin honcho took Blackbook on a tour of the raw space and confirmed that it is a go. When the mosque across the street from the Ace Hotel objected to Friedman's plan to open a bar in a neighboring townhouse, the Ace team told him to find another space in the hotel that could work. Sherlock Holmes that he is, Friedman found his space, which Blackbook describes thusly:

...brick arches crest the walkways and industrial, exposed beams keep the whole thing standing. The space is structurally dynamic, a catacomb with multiple rooms, nooks and corners hidden about. It’s all very downstairs at La Esquina. And every few minutes or so you can hear the subway rumble by.
How romantic! Friedman says the space will have a boxing theme and will be open in late spring or summer of this year.
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