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Sad Ray's Candy Store Saga May End in Chains and Padlocks

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Over the last year or so neighborhood paper The Villager, with the help of the nostalgia blogs, has been chronicling the sad story of Ray's Candy Store on 7th and Avenue A. First came reports that owner Ray Alvarez was sick and that business was slow. Then Muslim fundamentalists were shaking him down for free coffee and he had a hernia. Following that, it was his problems with the INS. More recently, the East Village community newspaper enthusiasts learned he missed his $4,000 rent for the first time in 30 years. Now there's this:

...according to Ray at 10PM tonight the managing agent of his building--accompanied by her bodyguard-- informed him that he has until Friday to pay the 2 months rent that he owes. The agent noted that the next time she comes to the store she will have a chain and padlocks to close the store.
Why all the hullabaloo over a sad little storefront? Well, it's old (36 years), it's pretty damn great, and the people love this guy Ray. Time to rally, or in the very least, prep some sweet signage.
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[photo via Here and There]

Ray's Candy Store

113 Avenue A, New York, NY

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