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The Beatrice Inn Rumors Continue to Fly

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It's a Thursday, so it must be time for yet another rumor regarding the rebirth of the Beatrice Inn. Last night, Paper Magazine ran a rumor that Fernando Santangelo, who is responsible for the masterful redo of the Chateau Marmont, is redesigning the Civetta space for the Beatrice team, Nur Khan, and Serge Becker. It has already been removed from the internet, but can be added to the lengthy list of speculation about New York's most controversial bar. Since the Bea's team is notoriously tight lipped about their plans, the world is no closer to knowing anything of substance almost eight months after they were shut down. So with a nod to the Gossip Game, we decided to list every rumor going around town about Paul Sevigny's secret plans, and included some that are completely made up.

· The Beatrice will reopen in its original location
· Civetta is the new Beatrice Inn
· Civetta is not the new Beatrice
· The Beatrice will be in Brooklyn
· The new Beatrice Inn will be in Soho
· The new Beatrice Inn will be in Noho
· Chloe Sevigny will select and train a dance troupe for nightly performances
· Andre and Paul got into a fight at Art Basel Miami, and the French will boycott
· Noah Tepperberg is fronting the money to reopen the Beatrice
· The Beatrice will serve food
· Angelo Bianchi will be the chef
· Simonez will be rehired and remove the curse he placed on Paul
· Bobby Trendy is designing the new Beatrice
· The Beatrice will launch a magazine/journal
· Olivier Zahm will take topless photos inside the new Beatrice
· The Beatrice will partner with the Jane Ballroom team on a new venue, Refugees
· Warren 77 will need all new bartenders when the Beatrice takes its entire staff back

Guess the fake rumors in the comments below! Thanks for playing!
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