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Khim's, Bosie, and Chelsea Hotel Doughnuts Coming Soon

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1) Williamsburg: Now that Khim's Market is just on one side of Bedford and North 1st (there used to be two shops facing each other), the grocers are turning their old space into a restaurant and bar. It's about time the organic kingpins of Williamsburg diversified their properties. A peek inside reveals a large bar and what looks like a newly finished wood floor. [PLYWOOD]

2) Chelsea: Chelsea Now confirms Jeremiah's Vanishing NY's rumor that a doughnut shop is moving into the ground floor of the Chelsea Hotel in a space once occupied by Dan's Chelsea Guitars. Though it was first suggested the new tenant would be Tim Horton's, Jeremiah now suspects it will be a second branch of Grand Street's beloved Doughnut Plant, a big get for the neighborhood. Further speculations are welcome. [PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: Time Out takes a look at Bosie, a new tea parlor that is soft opening later this month at 10 Morton Street: "there’s the selection of more than 100 loose-leaf teas from co-owner Nicky Dawda’s retail company, L’Age de Thé; it’s curated by co-owner and tea master Kiley Holliday...To go with the teas are sweets like macarons...Finally, a savory menu from chef Angelo Sosa (Xie Xie) is available for those with larger appetites." [PLYWOOD]

4) Williamsburg: From the tipline: "A new restaurant "1 or 8" is in the works in Williamsburg south side, on South 2nd Street and Wythe street. It is a Japanese food based restaurant, including, but not limited to, high end sushi. For some reason, there has not been any good sushi place in Williamsburg! The food is surely Japanese based, but not the most traditional, leaving it opened to experimentation. The sushi chef is Kazuo Yoshida, and the kitchen chef Atsushi Yokota." [PLYWOOD]

5) Nolita: Last week, we ran a pictures of a mystery space on Mott just below Houston. A number of readers have written in to report it will be Ballato's, an Italian spot with a location around the corner. Says one, "The space looks great, but the food at Ballato's is boring and overpriced. Too bad." Another tipster hears they're planning a lounge in the front and a party room in the back. Word is they're awaiting a liquor license. [PLYWOOD]

6) East Village: EV Grieve learns that the former Birdies on 149 1st Avenue will now be a spot called This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef. [PLYWOOD]

Khim's Bar

280 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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