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Le Souk Rises From The Dead To Host New Year's Party

After finally losing it's legendary battle with the SLA, then managing to stay open for a few additional weeks even after the SLA announced that it was closing time, it seemed like a sure bet that the East Village would not have to deal with Le Souk ever again. Think again. EV Grieve received a tip that Le Souk hosted a New Years Eve soiree, with a tipster telling them, "it must have been hired out for a private party, because I understand they can't sell alcohol, but perhaps they can give it away? There were black-tie Secret-Service-looking bouncers out front too. It was just as loud as usual at 2 am ... but with fewer people, and all in much fancier dress." This confirms what we've suspected all along: Le Souk is owned by zombies who cannot and will not be stopped until they eat the brains of the entire neighborhood.
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Le Souk

47 Avenue B, New York, NY