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Magnolia Gets Gutted; The Humm Dog is Doneski

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WEST VILLAGE— Though it opened for breakfast and lunch months ago, Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel is now open for dinner. The menu is practically the same as at the original location in Nolita. [Gothamist]

WEST VILLAGE— Magnolia on Bleecker is gutted! But don't worry, ladies. It's just a renovation. [JVNY]

EAST VILLAGE— The Humm Dog, the latest of the gourmet chef-designed hot dogs on PDT's roster, is being taken off the menu tomorrow. Its ingredients, which include black truffles, proved to be too expensive. [The Feed]

CELEB CHEFS— Now that they're friends, does Anthony Bourdain feel bad about making fun of Emeril so much in Kitchen Confidential? "First of all, as entertaining as it was to call him funny names -- and that's always fun -- it was never particularly heartfelt. And I think he always deserved more respect than I was giving him, as a man and as a chef. I've told him to his face, I still hated those shows. I've told him many times. He's like, 'Really? You really hated 'Essence of Emeril?' I said, 'Yeah. I really hated that show.' "[Times-Pic via Eater National]
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Cafe Gitane

113 Jane Street at The Jane Hotel, New York, NY 10014


401 Bleecker St., New York, nY

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