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Eater Poll: Which Celebrity Chef Will Roll To Bowlmor?

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A New York Times article touting trendy bowling alleys as economic development drivers mentions Leisure Time Bowl in the Port Authority is going to be renamed Frames this month and will eventually have a "swank restaurant" and a nightclub. That's right, a nightclub in the Port Authority.

More importantly, the article touches on the new Bowlmor Lanes, a 90,000 square foot version of the Union Square facility that is set to open in the former New York Times Building near Times Square. Thomas Shannon, the head of Bowlmor's parent company, touts his facility's amenities and says that he is negotiating with a "celebrity chef" to handle the food and beverage services. Ooh, a celebrity chef! In a bowling alley! How perfect. Let's try to guess who he's talking about.

Poll results

Did we miss someone? Perhaps Zak Pelaccio, Steve Hanson, or El Chod? Put suggestions in the comments.
· True Economic Barometer? How About Bowling [NYT]

Bowlmor Lanes

229 West 43rd Street, New York, NY

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