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House of Angostura Bitters Plant Shutdown Leads to NYC Cocktail Doomsday

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There is potentially troubling news from Trinidad and Tobago that will have an immediate impact on New York City. In November, production at the House of Angostura, maker of the world famous angostura bitters found in so many delicious cocktails, fell way behind schedule. It seems that CL Financial, the House of Angostura's parent company, was hit by a liquidity crisis, impacting production of the top secret recipe. Although production resumed, the lag in the supply chain has just hit the NYC market. Freemans proprietor William Tigertt just updated his Twitter account, saying, "Panic! Angostura bitter plant shutdown. NYC distributors rationing 3 bottles per account. Hording begins as cocktail doomsday clock hits 11."

This lack of supply could result in unprepared cocktail bars being unable to restock the vital ingredient for some time, turning New York's cocktail culture on its head. Fancy drink lovers may have to go for the brown stuff straight up, or, if things get really crazy, even go back to vodka. Sacré bleu!
· @WilliamTigertt [Twitter]
· Bitters Pill to Take! [Guardian]


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