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After Talks Fail, Cablevision Kicks Food Network to the Curb

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Anyone following the public fight between Time Warner Cable and Fox should know a similar skirmish between the Food Network and cable provider Cablevision unfolded over the weekend, but with far different results. The network, which is demanding a 300% increase over the eight cents per subscriber per month they make now, is no longer available to Cablevision subscribers in New York, New Jersey, and some parts of Connecticut. When the two sides failed to come to an agreement by New Years, the station and its sister HGTV went black.

While the network's demand looks bold at the outset (see also, Cablevision's passive aggressive statement about it), the Times notes that other channels with remarkably lower ratings earn more, making the Food Network the 75th lowest paid channel out of 79 ranked channels. The Discovery Health Channel, for example, makes 12 cents, while front runner ESPN earns $4.10. For its part, the Food Network has sent out a press release making its case, set up a website for its fans, and even enlisted the help of Guy Fieri. Problem is—and this is the issue with Fox's deal with Time Warner as well—if they do come to an agreement, Cablevision will most likely pass the cost on to consumers.
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