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Michael Huynh Begins 2010 by Opening Fifth Baoguette

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photo via EVG

From the plywood tipline: "The signs are up at 241 3rd Avenue for 'Baoguette & Noodle Bar.' They said it will be open in two weeks. Funny that it's just blocks away from Michael Bao's former Bao Noodles." True, the latest location is just four blocks away from Bao Noodles, a restaurant now owned by the conquistador's former partners. But, it's also just six blocks away from Huynh's original Baoguette on Lexington and 25th. Perhaps like a Starbucks, a Baoguette will never be truly successful until it's cannibalizing its own business. Expect a lot more from Bao in '10 (unless the baobble bursts) in Manhattan, Williamsburg, Oakland, and (new intel!) Atlanta.
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Baoguette & Noodle Bar

241 3rd Ave., New York, NY

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