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Chinatown Brasserie's Joe Ng Opening RedFarm on Hudson

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Flo Fab reports that Joe Ng, dumpling master and head chef at Chinatown Brasserie is opening a restaurant called RedFarm at 529 Hudson with restaurant expert Ed Schoenfeld. Some details: "RedFarm will serve some unusual dim sum, including saffron soup dumplings and Peking duck sliders, Mr. Schoenfeld said. He also hopes to have a dumpling delivery service for Manhattan." Word is spreading that the project is backed by one Mr. Jeffrey Chodorow. And given that a tipster says he spotted El Chod at a tasting at Chinatown Brasserie last month, it's not a huge stretch.

Meanwhile the great split of Chinatown Brasserie is underway. The Chinese restaurant (Joe Ng will still be there part time) will move downstairs while Lure chef Josh Capon opens an American spot upstairs, as reported last fall.
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529 Hudson St. [photo credit]

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